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Hướng dẫn chung về kỳ thi Đại học, Cao đẳng 2012

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Default Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 môn Anh Văn

Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 môn Anh Văn

Tìm thêm với các gợi ý: bo de thi anh van lop 10, bo de thi tuyen sinh lop 10 mon anh van, bo de thi tuyen sinh vao lop 10 mon tieng anh, de on thi vao lop 10 mon anh van, de thi vao lop 10 mon anh van, de thi vao lop 10 mon tieng anh, de tuyen sinh lop 10
Đề thi vào chuyên Ams và Chu Văn An
Niên khóa 1996-1997

Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút

I. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences. (2.5 marks)

1. I remember ______ him once in my life.
A. to meet B. meeting C. to have met D. met

2. He has been waiting for this letter for days, and at ______ it has come.
A. last B. the end C. present D. the finish

3. The man who lives opposite us sometimes comes ______ for a cup of tea.
A. on B. over C. off D. to

4. There was a small room into ______ we all crowded.
A. which B. where C. that D. it

5. We were so late, we ______ had time to catch the train.
A. nearly B. almost C. hardly D. simply

6. Your work has been very good ______ this year.
A. so far B. by far C. as far as D. so long

7. Give her a telephone number to ring ______ she gets lost.
A. whether B. in case C. unless D. perhaps

8. Tell me ______ there is anything special that you would like to do.
A. that B. which C. so D. if

9. It was a great success. He succeeded ______ everyone laugh.
A. to make B. in make C. for making D. in making

10. He couldn't have known what was in the letter ______ he had written it himself.
A. until B. if C. unless D. if only

II. Fill each gap with a word or phrase. (2.5 marks)

1. He doesn't tell me since when ________________ English.
2. I don't know how far _________________ to the station.
3. She didn't tell me the reason _________________ his birthday party.
4. Tell me __________________ this box with.
5. If he had gone by bus, he ___________________ here now.

III. Read the text below. For questions 1 - 5 you are to choose one best answer (a), (b), (c), or (d) to each question. (2.5 marks)

During the teenage years, many young people can at times be difficult to talk to. They often seem to dislike being questioned. They may seem unwilling to talk about their work in school. This is a normal development at this age, though it can be very hard for parents to understand. It is part of becoming independent, of teenagers trying to to be adult while they are still growing up. Young people are usually more willing to talk if they believe that questions are asked out of real interest and not because people are trying to check up on them.
Parents should do their best to talk to their son or daughter about school work and future plans but should not push them to talk if they don't want to. Parents should also watch for the danger signs: some young people in trying to be adult may experiment with alcohol or smoking. Parents need to watch for any signs of unusual behavior which may be connected with these and get help if necessary.

1. This is from a
a) parent's handbook b) teenage magazine
c) school timetable d) children's book

2. What is the writer trying to do?
a) to be amusing b) to be helpful
c) to be questionable d) to be sorry

3. Why do adults sometimes find teenagers difficult?
a) because most teenagers are quiet.
b) because teenagers don't want to talk to their parents.
c) because teenagers think adults are not honest.
d) because most teenagers hate adults.

4. When can you expect a young person to be more talkative than usual?
a) When people talk to them because they are really interested and not yet checking up on them.
b) When adults giv them a lot of money to spend.
c) When adults talk to them about something other than their work in school.
d) When adults talk to them about alcohol and smoking.

5. Some teenagers experiment with drinking or smoking because
a) they regard it as a mark of adulthood.
b) women like a smoking and drinking man.
c) cigarettes and alcohol are cheap.
d) cigarettes and alcohol are available everywhere.

IV. Arrange the following sentences to make a complete letter. (3 marks)

Dear Carla,

(a) It has only rained once - and the rest of the time we've had bright sunshine.
(b) Every evening we sit on the beach and admire the wonderful colors in the sky.
(c) I'm writing to tell you that unfortunately our holiday is almost over.
(d) I'll give you a ring when we get back.
(e) One day we even walked about 10km along the coast.
(f) We've had the most wonderful 3 weeks.
(g) The sunsets are beautiful, too.
(h) But as I said, unfortunately it's nearly over, and we'll be leaving on Sunday.
(i) It's wonderful scenery with rocky cliffs and little sandy beaches.
(j) The weather has been just great.
(k) We, therefore, have spent all day, everyday, outside - either at the beach or going for drives into the hills.
(l) And then when it gets dark, there are so many stars in the sky.
Lots of love,

V. Finish each sentence so that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it. (2 marks)

1. He often gets bad marks in history as he doesn't work hard at it.

2. He borrowed my book, but he forgot to return it.

3. We had never been so happy before.
We were...

4. People said that he had done his test quite well.
He was...

VI. Correct the mistake if necessary. (2.5 marks)

1. I wish that I received this letter before the office closed.
2. My telephone has been out of work for two weeks now.
3. They have to do it right now, haven't they?
4. Mary was so angry with Tom that she threw a stone to him.
5. I think this film is most interesting.

VII. Fill each blank with a suitable word. (5 marks)

I know a boy __1__ Michael who has a remarkable talent. He knows an incredible amount __2__ football teams and football leagues. He can recite the names of the players, tell you the __3__ of every match __4__ last weekend and who __5__ the goals, and can give you the history of any football club you care to name.

__6__ I find the most extraordinary of all is that he is as knowledgeable about Spanish and German football as he is about English. He spends a great amount of time going __7__ football magazines and the sports pages of newspapers. He is quite and __8__ on football. __9__ he does not play the game himself and __10__ goes very occasionally to a match.

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